Success Stories

Ella F.

Ella was diagnosed with Dyslexia in first grade. Struggling to stay on grade level, we looked into supplemental learning in the form of a tutor who understands dyslexia and uses proven methodology.

Tracy Rodenbaugh has been fantastic in her approach, understanding & detail. I feel she is open with communication and sends regular recaps of the lesson. She understands the CHILD, she doesn’t simply apply the method. My daughter enjoys the approach, laughs during the lesson and most importantly is learning to decode and read! She feels so much more confident in her reading!

Kim F.

Taylor G.

My daughter had been struggling with reading and writing since kindergarten. My husband and I repeatedly asked the school to evaluate and get her additional assistance. For months we wondered if she had dyslexia, by the end of second grade my daughter had zero confidence and was stuck and frustrated and I was at a loss.

I found Tracy and after visiting with her and sharing my daughter’s story we started one-on-one private tutoring with Tracy. Just under one year and my daughter is reading, feeling more confident and actually enjoys reading!!! I will never forget when she brought me a book and said mommy I want to read to you. Finally, we are moving forward and she is catching up to her grade level.

Tracy is great with my daughter and I would recommend her to anyone who has a child struggling with dyslexia.

Jennifer G.

Juliet R.

Our daughter, Juliet, is “twice” exceptional – she has dyslexia, ADHD, and a very high IQ – and Tracy has been able to break through with her in ways that none of her teachers have been able to before. Juliet always leaves her lessons with Tracy with a happy attitude and a sense of true confidence in what she has learned. Her teachers at school are seeing a marked improvement in scores toward her reading goals and we have only been with Tracy for 10 weeks. We are really looking forward to Juliet’s continuing work with her and what that will mean for her reading ability, her success at school, and her self-confidence. We are so thankful to have found Tracy.

Chris and Jennifer R.